"I have been taking postnatal yoga with Claire and she couldn't be more wonderful. She is a skillful yoga teacher with a warm heart and compassionate spirit. I am beyond thrilled to practice with her."  -Rachel M.

"Claire was always ready to help with whatever needed doing.  She has a wonderful sense of what people need, and attending to that need, often before it has been articulated.  She was a miracle worker, especially with our newborn who had colic and would cry for hours on end.  Claire always had a calm presence and never seemed to get unnerved by the crying.  She was also quite wonderful with our young boys, who were not always easy.  She knows how to be firm yet loving, and is always up for an adventure."    - Clare P. 

"Claire is an incredible yoga teacher. Her passion and unique understanding of the practice shine through while she teaches. Not to mention that her assists are like magic!" -Alana S.

"Claire is a gifted teacher! She is kind, knowledgeable attuned, playful and creative. She creates a warm and welcoming space for mom and baby."  -Mary F.

"Claire is a wonderful yoga teacher. She has such a calm, meditative demeanor and voice while still creating playful and experimental classes. She has a sophisticated understanding of the body in relation to yogic philosophy and her classes are well rounded as a result. I highly recommend her, she's truly one of a kind!" -Margot G. 

"Claire provides creative, committed, loving, reliable, insightful care."  -Dr. W Parker, Child Psychiatrist

"One time, Claire spent hours consoling our baby, who was quite colicky at the time, before bedtime.  All of us had given up, except Claire.  She walked her, rocked her, chanted to her, and rubbed her back, and the baby fell blissfully asleep.  If only all of us could be cared for in that way..."